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What is Important in a UMPC to you?

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Joined: 05 Dec 2004
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PostPosted: Tue May 09, 2006 11:38 am    Post subject: What is Important in a UMPC to you? Reply with quote

[i](If you noticed I have changed the thread to keep it simpler)[/i]

What things would be important to you in an UMPC, which factors would change your willingness to buy one? Also what factors are not so important, what is getting more attention than it deserves?

Perhaps a 5 or 6 hour battery life would compel you to buy one? Or perhaps the 3 hour battery life is just fine and they should be worried about the processor speed?
[b]James Volodymyr R.[/b]
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Joined: 05 Dec 2004
Posts: 689

PostPosted: Tue May 09, 2006 8:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

For me...

[list]GPS: I think GPS built in would be nice. With a car adapter the UMPC could make a perfect in-car computer to handle music, and GPS. It would also come in handy potentially for hikes and outdoors with an extended battery life.

Durability: If I'm paying for this awsome new technology I want it to last. I haven't been surprised, though nor was I impressed, with the durability of my Tablet PC. This thing needs to be built to ride around in a pocket all day. I don't want keys rubbing paint off, I dont want to be scared to toss it on to my bed. It doesn't have to be indestructable, but it needs some durability.

Camera: I had a Sony CLIE PDA- and you'd be surprised even with the pathetic quality of the built in camera it came in handy SO OFTEN. I remember I had it when Porsche released their SUV's and I saw one when they were first being sold and took a picture for my friend who is a Porsche fanatic.

Outdoor: It needs to be easily viewed in any light conditions, to be truley mobile we can't expect less.

Quick Charge: More important than battery life it needs to charge quickly. I don't care if it only lasts 3 hours if I can charge it quickly!

HDMI/Component, and Digital Out: I don't care if it has to be cradled for these high quality options but it needs to be available- it would definately be a hub for my entertainment system.

VGA Out: I want built in VGA, or simple composite out- something so I can use this to give a PowerPoint presentation or such in class through a projector.

Form Factor: I want it to actually fit in my pocket, I'm a student so if it has to go in my backpack it's not a huge deal but then I might as well carry a laptop. I also don't like a lot of plastic, I want the front to be mostly screen and some side buttons- but it still has to be comfortable and look stylish

Cooling: It can't heat up like my M200 does, it simply has to be comfortable to hold for a couple hours.

Fingerprint: Built in fingerprint reader is not a must but would be awesome. I had the USB one for my desktop (got it as a gift) and it was so convenient, and I can't imagine how much so "on the go."

Cell Phone: It's more dream than the other ones but we have PDA phones, we have PC Phones... it isn't unthinkable to have phones in our UMPCs. I wouldn't mind being forced to use a headset or something, maybe you could even have a seperate battery to power the phone function or something...

Media: I want it to replace an IPod. The only reason I don't own an MP3 player (I've bought and returned several) is mostly because I can't carry around so much stuff that it never gets used... keys, a phone, a PDA, wallet, tablet, MP3, the madness never ends. I want it to be able to all but power down for MP3 playback... get a good 5 hours MP3 playback on a full charge... or after a few hours of use I'd like 2 or 3 of MP3 playback still.

Standby: It needs to last on standby for a while, I think they can but... It doesn't need to be instant on but it can't be slower than standby on a regular basis. I live by standby on my tablet.[/list:u]

[b]The Not So Important[/b]
[list]Battery: The battery life isn't that big of a deal for me. My Tablet gets around 3 hours on full power and it's fine. It gets me through class and then I can charge it between classes. And for long classes I would have no problem plugging it in. Assuming we are talking use at business docking stations and car chargers could easily make it last a day!

Weight: Look your going to have to use some artificial material to make something this size weigh too much. Don't spend time trying to cut down weight, no one should get sore trying to hold this thing for even an hour or two- in which case your probably typing with two hands or something.

Buttons: Don't get too worked up with external buttons, they are nice but too many creates problems. Maybe directional (click down for enter), esc/menu, and a couple programmable shortcut buttons and that should do it. A volume switch on the side and a power switch and we are good to go!

Instant On: Standby takes only seconds and saves massive battery life, don't even try for instant on like PDAs!

Power: UMPCs are not going to be gaming machines anytime soon. Anyone shelling out that much money for one of these- that has an interest in gaming- (IE not businesses or schools) is probably going to have good gaming PC(s) anyway. And why go just halfway- who cares if you can run 12 year old games on it. Give me chips challenge, hearts, reversi, and I am golden. Other than that let it run word, internet, music, basic programs like that and it will be fine!

Price: Okay price is important but this is tomorrow's technology, today. That kind of technology is ALWAYS expensive when it is released! The fact that you can get a computer that fits in the palm of your hand (and runs todays applications) for under a grand is astonishing to me! No one is going to not buy one now because it is $1000 instead of $800. Yes, when they become popular. But no one expects to get the newest technology affordably- though I think it is affordable for what you get!

Memory Slots: Don't bother with memory slots. Flash memory is all about the USB sticks these days, and while cameras and other things (and sometimes people use as flash memory) use different media- you can't please 'em all, so why try. In fact make a little simple addon that plugs right in for other media types and make a few bucks selling them. Instead make a USB stick that fits inside the UMPC (in a slot somewhere) so that it doesn't stick out ugly- and you will have a virtual monopoly on the flash format for that UMPC.[/list:u]

EDIT: May 09, 9:50- Added FingerPrint and CellPhone, and added the "Not So Importants."
[b]James Volodymyr R.[/b]
[url=]Divine Business Solutions[/url]
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Joined: 12 Dec 2005
Posts: 28

PostPosted: Tue May 16, 2006 3:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

1.2GHz or better Pentium M
lgb RAM (with the ability to share up to 128 with video)
XGA with rotation, video out
Display that isn't cowed by fluorescent lights
60gb HD
LAN, WLAN, IR, Bluetooth optional
2 [i]GOOD[/i] USB ports (not near each other), the kind that don't go all useless (like Dell's & Gateway's laptop USB ports) when trying to use an external drive
Ability to boot from SD and non-proprietary USB devices
Audio ports not near fan & HD
5-hr battery with built-in indicator
Programmable buttons, fingerprint reader

Of course, I'm going to buy one, regardless. I'm saving up for it now.
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