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Fujitsu ST4110 or NEC Litepad??

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 01, 2003 10:53 am    Post subject: Fujitsu ST4110 or NEC Litepad?? Reply with quote

Hi, I am struggling of making a decision. I like the appearance of the Fuji ST4110, it's professional and I like the dock of it too. Fuji also has large memory slot and can get 40HDD in it, but my friend told me NEC 's litepad is good, it's very light. So if any of you have use both fuji and NEC or you know both quite well, please provide help, Thanks Embarassed Question Shocked
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Joined: 04 Mar 2003
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 01, 2003 5:23 pm    Post subject: Fujitsu vs. NEC Reply with quote

Here's a good take on the Fujitsu vs. NEC argument:
Robert Scoble
NEC Mobile Solutions
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 10, 2003 12:09 pm    Post subject: NEC vs. Fujistu Tablet Reply with quote

Hi, I have used both tablets extensively and here is my accessment:

Quality - Fujitsu seems sturdier (and the peripherals are much sturdier). But I think the thickness plays a part in this perception.

Heat - NEC wins; never gets over heated. Fujitsu gets pretty hot,even with the felt backing.

Weight - NEC wins. I ended up with the NEC for this reason. I wanted something as close to a comp notebook for sketching designs and taking meeting notes.

Display - Equal; both are bright and crisp.

Screen - I liked the NEC because it 'feels' more like paper, but this is not as important to some folks. Fujitsu also includes some screen overlays for protection but when they are applied it dulls the screen to an almost unusable state in my opinion. Yet they both seem protected enough (after about 2 months) from pen scratches without the protector. Time will tell.

Performance - With maxed out RAM (768 in Fuj., 512 in NEC) they seem equal.

Battery life - Fujitsu wins (3.5 hours without wireless, 2.5 for NEC) . I carry two spares for the NEC (thinking of marketing a Clint Eastwood style battery belt for lock and load battery action in a meeting).

Control buttons/placement and usability - NEC wins by a bit; both are good, I just think NEC did a better job in the default assignment and demarkation.

Cost - NEC wins; everything is an extra with the Fujitsu and that cost adds up. Even the base unit is more expensive (however it does hold more HD space (40 over 20) and RAM (768 over 512).

Pens/Input - about equal; I haven't experience any jittering in the NEC however, as noted in other threads. I have seen it on the Fuj, around the edges of screen and during performance hits. Both will "skip" a bit when handwriting depending on running processes, but both are the best at keeping up with my scrawl compared to other slates.

Even as I side with the NEC personally I cannot recommend one over the other at this time because I want to see what time does to both units. Fujitsu has been in this tablet game a long time and I have a feeling durability may become an issue (hope not). For example, Sony marketed a pen input desktop a while back and they pulled them from the market because after several months use the lcd input screens begin to show 'cracks' in the matrix that render the screens unusable. Sadly I bought a couple of those only to have both screens crack up (black lines start appearing) after several months use - Sony would not replace them or repair them, so I have two dead lcd input screens. My point is, no one knows the true lifespan of the tablets.

Hope this helps anyone's decision.

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 11, 2003 2:41 am    Post subject: fujitsu or litepad Reply with quote

My litepad finally arrived and I am so happy with it. I haven't had any of the jitters or problems that others seem to have had and there is some great software out there. I haven't tried the fujitsu, but if you are planning on moving around with it and seriously using it as an every day tool, I would think hard about the benefits of the weight of the NEC. I've tried heaps of other things pryor to this like the psion colour series 5, but found it a bind to carry around and then a pda .....great to carry around but too small for my needs, but I find this litepad fits my needs exactly and I do carry it around and I've added a cd emulator to the software to save having to worry about carrying cd and my cd player around and it's great.
I would definitely think this is the way to go.
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